KidsConnect, a GPS tracker cellphone company, will be attending Bacharach’s third annual Ability Fair.



The phone helps parents and caregivers obtain peace of mind by allowing them to know where their loved one is at all times and to control who they are able to get in contact with.


“Our phone is very simple to operate, allowing parents or caregivers to provide a device that is controlled and secured,” said Michael Dean, co-founder of KidsConnect. “The phone can be pre-programmed with numbers and all users have to do is hold a button down for 3 seconds to call.”


The KidsConnect phone features include:

    • Real-time GPS tracking via an app or any web enabled device


    • An SOS button, which sends the phones location to the SOS contacts loaded into the phone and auto-dials the contacts until one is answered


    • GeoFencing, which allows parents or caregivers to set a predetermined area and receive a text if the phone enters or leaves that area


  • Voice Monitoring, which allows parents or caregivers to send a text to the phone so the phone will call back without activating the screen, allowing them to monitor their loved ones surroundings


“We are very excited to present our phone at the Ability Fair,” said Michael. “The phone can really help families and caregivers who have an autistic child who is prone to running away, an Alzheimer’s patient who likes to dial 9-1-1, or children who like to dial and accidentally call foreign countries, and more.”


The third annual Ability Fair is July 26 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Stockton University Campus Center. Meet more than 60 vendors with products and services designed to help people with physical challenges discover new ways to greater independence. Register for free at For more information and to learn about free transportation call Jamie Hoagland at 609-748-5250.




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