Kristen Marsh, PT, DPT, has returned to Bacharach’s Vineland Physical Therapy Center

Stockton University graduate Kristen Marsh,PT,DPT, has been at Bacharach for 8 years. In addition to working at the main campus, she has worked in Tuckerton, Somers Point, and most recently at the Vineland satellite.

Happily, she is back at the Vineland center and eager to return to caring for patients and helping them to reach their rehab goals.
Kristen is happy to treat patient with a wide variety of physical therapy needs. She treats orthopedic, neurological, vestibular, and pulmonary conditions. She also sees patients with balance impairments, post-surgical conditions or after concussion.

“I do not have a preferred condition to treat but love the variety of the different diagnoses on my caseload,” said Kristen. “It is most satisfying to me to hear a patient tell me that they are back to doing the things they love, canoeing, gardening, running etc.”

Pediatric Patients

“I also treat pediatric orthopedic injuries. If needed I would have a brief phone interview with the patient’s parent or guardian
to ensure the condition could be optimally treated by myself and at our clinic.”

“I love getting to know the patient, including their learning style, medical history, and co-morbidities, and working with them
as a team to tailor a plan that will have them reach their functional goals. I will provide a home program of 2-3 exercises that can fit into the most busy of schedules to complement their session in clinic and progress them more quickly towards their goals.”

Since Kristen clearly loves her career choice so much, what would she say to a young person interested in becoming a physical therapist?

“My advice would be to observe or volunteer in the field so that you will see ‘the day in the life of a PT’. This will help you
see if you would enjoy a career in this field and serve as a reference in grad school as you learn of the specific conditions.”


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