In my February report I talked about the Coalition to Preserve Rehabilitation, a national organization committed to ensuring that patients have access to rehabilitation services.

Today, I want to tell you about the first state chapter of the coalition, the Coalition to Preserve Rehabilitation New Jersey or CPRNJ.

CPRNJ is dedicated to preserving access to medical rehabilitation for New Jersey residents through education and advocacy.

Education is necessary because too few consumers understand that they should receive the appropriate level of care based on their needs in order to ensure an optimum recovery.
Advocacy is necessary because it takes a strong voice and determination to stand up to the forces that would limit access to rehabilitation.

Limiting access to rehabilitation affects the most vulnerable among us – the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, and the very young. They are least likely to understand their rights, and least likely to have the means and wherewithal to demand them.

Bacharach is a proud member of CPRNJ, working to bring together consumers and organizations statewide in a shared mission to educate and advocate for patients in New Jersey.

We remain dedicated to making it possible for New Jersey residents with disabilities, injuries or chronic conditions to receive the best level of rehabilitative care possible so they can return to a maximum level of independent function.

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