Occupational therapist Leigh Ann McGuigan displays a model of the human pelvis

Occupational therapist Leigh Ann McGuigan has completed post graduate continuing education in pelvic floor therapy and is now seeing patients at Bacharach’s main campus.


Pelvic floor therapists help with all sorts of discomfort that most people are too embarrassed to even mention


“Clinicians treating pelvic floor conditions can be either physical therapists or occupational therapists,” says Leigh Ann. “I am presently seeing patients with bladder and bowel problems including urgency, frequency, and incontinence as well as individuals with pelvic pain. I am also seeing patients during pregnancy and into their fourth trimester. We are actually somewhat behind in this country in how we support those who give birth. Although it is slowly improving, birthing parents in the US are not aware of how pelvic floor therapy can assist them throughout the process and beyond. It is a flaw in our system.”


Leigh Ann says “Pregnant and postpartum individuals benefit from pelvic floor therapy in a number of ways. This includes training in postures and positioning in preparation for birth, exercises focused on both strengthening and relaxation of the pelvic bowl and considerations for reducing the risk and degree of pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic floor therapy also promotes healing of diastasis recti, decreases pain, and optimizes bowel and urine routines and function.”


Manual therapy may include perineal massage before delivering the baby to soften and prepare the tissue or following to manage scar tissue and pain. Those who have a caesarian section benefit from manual work once the scar is fully healed to break adhesions that could attach to the bladder, potentially causing pain, urinary frequency, urgency and/or incontinence.


She says pelvic therapy can improve a long list of problems and is not limited to pregnancy and post-partum but is also beneficial for some specific conditions and symptoms listed below.


Pelvic floor therapists treat these and other conditions


Urinary frequency, urgency and or incontinence


Pelvic, abdominal, rectal or vaginal pain

Pregnancy and post-partum issues including preparing for birth, scar management and diastasis recti

Pelvic organ prolapse

Painful sex

Pre- and post-prostatectomy

Vaginismus, vulvodynia or vestibulodynia


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


To schedule an evaluation with Leigh Ann, you will need a prescription from your doctor for pelvic floor therapy.


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