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Our occupational therapy team training to use the Hocoma Armeo Spring last fall.


The Armeo Spring is an exoskeleton that supports the patient by embracing them from the shoulder to the hand, while they complete repetitive upper extremity exercises.

“This robot helps patients who have suffered stroke, head injury or a spinal cord injury and need to re-gain movement in a part or all of their arm,” said Sharon Cressman, OTR/L. “The Armeo Spring allows a patient to work their arm a lot more than traditional therapy.”


The robot entices patients to work hard through a variety of games which get progressively harder as the patients get better.


“The patients really enjoy using the robot,” said Sharon. “One of my patients who has used the Armeo Spring for three weeks has four times the motion he started with. He didn’t even realize all the progress he was making because he just focuses on playing the games.”


Our therapists can pick different games which can target the whole arm or sections of the arm depending on what the patients needs are.


“This new technology is giving our patients something to push for,” said Sharon. “They are now playing different games, loving it and smiling and laughing while they are doing their exercises.”


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