Momentum grows in Congress to enact the Lymphedema Treatment Act.

It is estimated that 3 – 5 million Americans are living with lymphedema, a disorder of the lymph system that is both painful and restricting. It is time that insurance providers cover their medically necessary compression supplies.


Jennifer Brooks, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA


“People with lymphedema require compression as part of their treatment and ongoing self care,” said Jennifer Brooks, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA.  “The effort to pass the Lymphedema Treatment Act has been ongoing for over 10 years.   The main issue is that Medicare does not cover the cost of compression for lymphedema, as there is not an existing benefit category for billing.  CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) doesn’t have the ability to change or add these codes – only an act of Congress can fix this problem.”



“Another problem is the sheer cost of compression – with some custom garments running into hundreds of dollars.  Most people need at least two to four garments per year,” she added.


To date, there are 290 cosponsors for the bill in the House, which is called a supermajority.


Brooks also says, “It is so great that we have a super majority, with support from both sides of the legislature.  This is not a partisan issue and the momentum and unity behind this grassroots effort should be celebrated and recognized.”


Visit to see a full list of the bill’s co-sponsors in the House and Senate, and to learn how you can support passage of this much needed legislation.





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