Paul Rutledge, CO, BOCO is Executive Director of ATPRO

ATPRO helps amputees and people who have mobility deficiencies get back to doing the things they love by fitting them with braces, orthotics and prosthetics at their offices in Linwood, Vineland and Berlin, NJ.


A partner of Bacharach and a leader in custom prosthetics and orthotics, ATPRO provides individualized solutions to meet the needs and lifestyles of all their patients.

Roy Aungst, CPO, C-Ped

“All of our appointments start with an evaluation of the patient’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their goals,” said Paul Rutledge, CO, BOCO, Executive Director of ATPRO. “Our certified specialists do casting and molding to create a prosthetic for any amputation or orthotic deficiency.”


Using cutting edge design and the most advanced materials, ATPRO can custom build spinal, lower and upper extremity orthotics and lower and upper extremity prosthetics.

Brian O’Shea, CPO

ATPRO works closely with doctors, physical therapists  and occupational therapists during the evaluation process in order to pinpoint exactly where the patient will need the most support. After the prosthetic or orthotic brace is created, an ATPRO specialist trains the patient how to wear it and use it. As patients make progress and strengthen their bodies, ATPRO is there every step of the way to make updates to the prosthetics and braces to maximize their comfort and use.


“There is nothing more rewarding then seeing the moment a patient realizes that they can actually do all the things they thought they would no longer be able to, because of the device you built for them,” said Paul.


ATPRO is a proud sponsor of Bacharach’s Ability Fair and looks forward to showcasing their products at the event each year. Paul says his team loves attending and supporting the event because they can meet new people while also getting exposure to other providers in the rehabilitation field.


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