Eve Atwell, PT, CSIS, CMIT

Manual therapy is a holistic approach to therapy that utilizes hands-on techniques to treat the dysfunction that a patient is experiencing.


Manual therapy can be used to treat almost any orthopedic dysfunction including various spine injuries such as a herniated disk; total knee replacement; meniscal tear of the knee; rotator cuff tear; joint issues; ankle injuries and more.


“Manual therapy is another tool that physical therapists utilize,” said Eve Atwell, PT, CSIS, CMIT, a physical therapist at Bacharach’s satellite location at Galloway Tilton Fitness. “I use manual therapy in conjunction with various other tools of therapy. The foundation of manual therapy enables the therapist to look at a patient holistically and treat the true dysfunction causing a patient’s pain. It challenges the therapist to think outside of the box.”


Combining manual therapy with other types of therapies can help meet the goals of both the patient and the therapist. Manual therapy as a specialty requires a specific certification, however usually some aspect of manual therapy is practiced by physical therapists.


Eve uses manual therapy to treat a wide range of patients of all ages.


“I usually use manual therapy at the beginning of a treatment,” said Eve. “This allows me to normalize the joint or soft tissue first so that the dysfunction is in as normal alignment as possible in preparation for strengthening, stabilization and re-education after.”


There are several manual therapy techniques that can be used to help restore the affected area to optimal function including: joint mobilization, various soft tissue mobilization techniques such as myofascial release, Graston or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, and muscle energy technique.


“My patients enjoy manual therapy because they are able to feel the impact that it has and see rapid


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