Jennifer Brooks, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA has been with Bacharach for nearly 15 years.  

She recently moved to the main campus in Pomona to specialize in oncology rehabilitation and lymphedema management for Bacharach’s Oncology Rehabilitation Program.


“There are many aspects of oncology rehab and I am thrilled to join Bacharach’s oncology rehabilitation in Pomona as we offer new, enhanced services that will greatly benefit those who have been through cancer treatment,” Jennifer said.


Cancer treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can compromise balance and coordination, energy level, endurance and range of motion. Bacharach’s Oncology Program is focused on treatment, education and support for cancer survivors and their families to help manage these conditions.


“Cancer treatments frequently cause side effects and things that most people take for granted, such as walking, balance and range of motion, may become more difficult.  We work with patients to ensure they have a healthy survivorship that is as safe and functional as possible,” she said.


The Oncology Program focuses on treatments designed to offer maximum mobility and function and improve overall well-being.


Therapy techniques such as stretching, strengthening and scar tissue mobilization are available for conditions including cancer-related fatigue, peripheral neuropathy (numbness and tingling in the extremities),  lymphedema (swelling due to poor circulation), and post-mastectomy issues.


“We give people the tools they need to enable them to go back to their prior activities and live the fullest life possible.  For example, one of our patients was concerned about safely picking up her grandchild. We provided her with strategies she needed to become comfortable taking care of him again –  something that was, of course, very important to her after all that she had been through.”


For more information on the Oncology Program at Bacharach please 609-652-7000, ext. 5400.



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