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Mora Pluchino, DPT with her smallest skywalker, Luke, on the Lokomat Pro gait training robot.

The Lokomat Pro is a robotic-assisted gait training device that will help patients, from pediatric to adult, learn to walk again after suffering from a neurological trauma, such as stroke. Patients will be strapped into an exoskeleton that has a treadmill below it, which provides a repetitive gait motion.

“The Lokomat Pro helps patients adjust their gait cycle to be able to walk in a more normalized gait pattern,” said Mora Pluchino, PT, pediatric program coordinator at Bacharach. “The robot acts as an extra set of hands for the therapist, to help hold the patient up and give them support. This allows the therapist to step back and observe the gait and make adjustments to the orthosis or software.”

This robot helps patients work on their strength, endurance, motor re-learning, and muscle re-education.

“The Lokomat Pro definitely makes some therapy exercises easier, especially with children,” said Mora. “It’s very motivating for our patients because there are games which engage them while they walk and provides them with feedback on their progress.”

While the robot does not replace therapy or a therapist, it does enhance a patient’s individualized care plan. “The robot has been very effective so far and our patients love it,” said Mora. “Our pediatric patients have actually been the most receptive to the device and have adapted to it best.”


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