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Sharon Cressman, ORTR/L setting up a demonstration on the Amadeo by Tyromotion.

The Amadeo is a computer assisted device that uses grasping movements to help stimulate a patient’s hand. Using a virtual screen, patients engage in a game which helps them relax and move their fingers.


After stroke or neurological injury, a common side effect is a change in the ability to clench and unclench the muscles of the hand.  This rigidity is referred to as tone.


“This robot will help our stroke and head injury patients whose hand tone is not where we want it to be,” said Sharon Cressman, OTR/L. “Our patients have started using the Amadeo and are making terrific progress. One of my patients had a 5 percent digit expansion prior to using the robot and after three weeks of use his digit expansion had gone up to 35 percent.”


Bacharach therapists can customize the Amadeo to work a patient’s entire hand or just one finger, depending on where their deficit is.


“We are really excited about using all the robots,” said Sharon. “It has been very rewarding to see what a difference the robot can make, especially for those of us who see it every day. My patients who didn’t have a lot of movement prior to using the robots are making progress because of the number of repetitions they can accomplish on the robots. They aren’t aware of all the work they are doing and don’t fatigue as quickly – they love the robots.”


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