Stephanie Colon, MS CCC-SLP earned degrees at Temple University and Stockton University.

Stephanie, Bacharach’s newest speech-language therapist, primarily treats children, most often children exhibiting either expressive or receptive language delays.


Expressive language is making yourself understood by words and sentences.  Receptive language means the ability to understand words and language.  In young children receptive language is demonstrated by following directions and routines.


Stephanie outlines some milestones parents may look for in babies 12 months to 2 years.


“By 12 months,” says Stephanie, “babies typically will say mama, dada, and maybe one or two more words. Their language will continue to grow in the coming months where they will then start to imitate some more single words and make sounds of familiar animals and objects. They should follow simple directions ‘give me the ball’ or ‘go get your shoes’ and start understanding ‘no’ “.


“By 18 months, they should have around 15-20 words and start to identify body parts and recognize familiar objects. By age 2 we want to see about fifty or more words and they should be starting to combine two words together in simple sentences like ‘me go’ and  ‘mommy up.’  By the second birthday, they develop verbs and language starts to explode.”


Play is So Important


“Parents can really facilitate communication through playtime with their child, storybook reading, and describing and introducing vocabulary throughout their daily routine. Parts of the day that give parents great opportunities to introduce vocabulary to their child are during mealtime, when they are outside, driving in the car, or even at the store.  Parents can also engage in ‘parallel talk’ where they describe to their child what they are doing – ‘you’re playing with the car.  The car goes beep beep.’ ”




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