Romeo “Bobby” Cabinian is the newest RN at Bacharach.

He has been here 6 months, working as an LPN, and just passed his nursing exam.  Before coming to Bacharach, Bobby has 8 years’ experience in nursing home settings, and working home care for Bayada.


His brother and sister-in-law both work at Bacharach, and he intended to come to work here as casual pool.  But on the day of orientation, he spied a full time opening on Renaissance Pavilion, and took the job.


He began to study for his RN in 2016 at ACCC, and graduated in 2018, with the help of a Hollander Scholarship that was awarded to the top 10 nursing students.  Now that he has his RN, he is already looking at his options to earn a BSN through Rutgers, which will take 15 to 18 months.


Asked how he likes working here, Bobby said “I love it very much.  It serves my background to work on Renaissance.  It was hard to work and go to school, but Bola, Kim and Tess were very supportive.  I was thinking of Bola during my exam.  I work with the best team – Joan and everyone else are like a second nature family.”


And what does Bobby do when he is not working or studying?  He is cycling – he spins at home and does 20 to 30 mile rides in Mays Landing, Ocean City, and all over.


Congratulations on your success, Bobby, and thanks for your hard work.


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