ABacharach our goal is ensuring that the individuals we treat are able to reach and maintain the highest level of mobility and function possible after an illness or acute injury.

Those undergoing cancer treatment often find they have some or many side effects caused by their treatment, such as difficulty with balance and coordination, lower energy levels, reduced endurance and limitations to range of motion.


Studies show that cancer patients report a better quality of life when they have help in managing common side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery such as peripheral neuropathy, lymphedema and Cancer-related fatigue (CRF).


CRF impacts up to 80 percent of those going through treatment for cancer and the American Cancer Society reports that many cancer survivors consider CRF the most difficult side effect of their treatment.  The level of fatigue can greatly compromise a cancer patient’s quality of life, make everyday tasks grueling to complete.


Our recently expanded Oncology Rehabilitation Program is focused on providing cancer patients with the treatment, education and support they need to live the fullest life possible.


The Oncology Program team specializes in oncology rehabilitation, providing evidence based assessments, customized therapy programs, education and support to help cancer survivors and their families manage their condition.


Bacharach’s Oncology Program uses the skills and expertise of a multidisciplinary care team – physicaloccupational and speech therapists – to enhance the quality of life for patients during and after their treatment.


Our new, expanded Oncology Rehabilitation Program illustrates our commitment to improving the well-being of those we serve. We will continue to both add and expand programs in order to meet the needs of our patients and our community.


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