Nicole Troendle, MS, CCC-SLP-CBIS

Nicole Troendle focuses her practice on the adult population with a passion for working with patients who have had a stroke.    “A person who has had a stroke can experience a variety of deficits ranging from cognitive impairments, language difficulties, to swallowing trouble.”


“We start with an initial assessment to determine what areas of language or cognition have been affected.  We will assess a patient’s ability to express themselves, understand, read, and write.  A cognitive assessment may also take place including testing the areas of memory, attention, problem solving, and organization which may also be affected due to the size and location of where the stroke occurred.”


All of these tests help the therapist target the specific needs of each patient and create an individualized treatment plan with a series of goals.


What can the speech therapist do to help stroke patients with these deficits?


“We use structured activities to improve specific skills as well as a variety of functional tasks to help improve safety in the home and promote independence.  We will also educate the patient and family on compensatory techniques that they can use to assist in the areas in which they are lacking.  Home exercise programs are also provided to help carryover skills learned in therapy, to the home environment.”



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