Joyce Glick, PT, MHS, Vice President of Ambulatory Services 


October is National Physical Therapy month. Throughout the month we will be spotlighting different physical therapists and PT-specific programs that help our patients get back to doing the things that they love.



Joyce Glick, PT, MHS, Vice President of Ambulatory Services, has been with Bacharach for more than 30 years. Joyce started as a licensed physical therapist assistant, then earned her PT degree and worked with neurological patients before moving to the outpatient setting and treating orthopedic, sports- and work-related injuries.


“What I love most about being a physical therapist is the opportunity to build relationships with patients,” said Joyce. “Physical therapists are one of the few health providers who see patients two to three times a week for four to six weeks. We must be good listeners and speak to the patient at a level they understand in order to gain their trust.”


Physical therapists are the only health care professionals that specialize in total body movement. Physical therapists focus on how movement relates to dysfunction and injury to the musculoskeletal system.


“The goal of a physical therapist is to improve their patient’s quality of life by assessing and treating movement disorders,” said Joyce. “For example, if a patient comes in and is experiencing shoulder pain, a physical therapist would get to the root of the problem and start to refine the movements.”


One of the biggest impacts that Bacharach physical therapists are making right now is in pain management. Physical therapists can pinpoint a patient’s source of pain and take corrective action. Even if the pain can’t be corrected, physical therapists use massage, range of motion exercises and a variety of other techniques to help make the pain manageable.


“Bacharach is a leader in physical therapy,” said Joyce. “We have multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted physical therapy programs. We do not work in silos; instead we work in conjunction with other providers to make sure that all aspects of a patient’s condition are treated.”



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