Joyce Glick, VP Ambulatory Care

Safety is Bacharach’s highest priority. Joyce Glick, VP Ambulatory Care for Bacharach Institute, describes the daily regimen practiced by each employee at a Bacharach Physical Therapy Center.

“The safety screening starts over the phone when we first get a call from a new patient,” said Joyce. “We ask each patient about their possible exposure and whether they have any symptoms. Next, we ask about any pre-existing conditions, like cardiac or respiratory conditions. Is the patient taking any medications that might suppress the immune system?”


The answers to these questions help the Bacharach team perform a triage based on the patient’s needs and risks.
“Each day, we take staff temperatures, and our Personal Protective Equipment list includes masks, gloves, goggles or face shields and protective gowns.”
“We take each patient’s temperature upon arrival and offer a face mask. We want our patients to feel comfortable, protected and safe.”

Choose the Setting That is Right for You

Bacharach has several options to offer physical therapy patients, depending upon the patient’s need and preferences.
“Some patients might elect to stay home and have home PT with a Bacharach specialist. Some patients really need a particular kind of equipment or manual therapy and would do best in an outpatient setting. Further, still others, especially established patients, can continue their progress with remote therapy. The physical therapist can connect with these patients through a laptop, smart phone, or tablet. Patients like this because they feel safe at home, and therapists like seeing their patients make progress and recover, instead of skipping therapy.
Bacharach has the right setting for every patient.

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