Alica Spinelli, M.S.,CCC-SLP, is very happy with the chance to provide speech therapy remotely in the age of the Corona virus.

Last week, she began to work with a child who had been evaluated by another therapist, so she and the child had not previously met.
“It was our first time meeting, and the rapport was instant. He showed me his dogs, he was comfortable in his home, and it really showed the benefit of not having a child come into an unknown situation, especially a hospital.”

Kids Love Technology

“I think one reason it works so well is that kids love technology. They are excited about holding the phone!”
Using the remote technology, Alicia is able to do language activities, both expressive and receptive. She can hold up cards or other prompts as needed. And having a parent or family member take part is an added bonus.
“One family hooked up to their big TV – we were joking that it must have been a 90 inch TV! What is great is that parents and siblings can be there, they can all participate and that way there are more people that can learn and be educated.”
While children are not the only patients who can benefit by remote speech therapy, Alicia pointed out that there may be other concerns when treating adults.

Learning Curve

“Some older adults, or adults who are working on cognitive issues, may need some help with the technology at first.
But the flexibility of staying home is important. Remote therapy can be very useful particularly if there is someone else in the family who is there during the treatment.
“It’s a learning curve but bringing more family into the session for education is really helpful.”
Right now, Bacharach speech therapists are evaluating all of their patients to determine who can take advantage of this excellent option.
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