Renaissance Pavilion

Bacharach’s Renaissance Pavilion offers patients short-term inpatient care after a stroke, joint replacement, illness, injury or surgery, serving as a link between the hospital and home. The expert therapists and skilled nurses at Renaissance Pavilion help patients rebuild their strength and regain their independence so they can get home as quickly as possible.


Skip Broomall, licensed administrator at Renaissance Pavilion has 32 years of experience and has been with Bacharach for the past two years. He shared, “Our 30-bed facility is different from a long-term care environment. We offer individual and group therapy, case management and discharge planning resulting in superior patient satisfaction. In addition, we are only steps away from a complete spectrum of services, including emergency and acute care as well as radiology and other lab services.”


Renaissance Pavilion’s Pomona campus features beautiful grounds and gardens. Rooms are neatly appointed and the therapy rooms are sun-filled and spacious. As the most sought-after setting for joint replacement patients in southern New Jersey, Renaissance Pavilion earned a Five-Star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is the only Five-Star facility in Atlantic County.


Skip continued, “I view this as a people business. Our staff members are committed to their professions and take pride in providing excellent customer service. There is very little staff turnover. For example, our director of therapeutic recreation has been here for 36 years.”


If a patient is not sure if they are better suited for inpatient or outpatient therapy, an admission specialist from Renaissance Pavilion can provide important input on which type of therapy they will benefit from the most. According to Skip, “It is the physician, supporting professionals and the patient that make the final determination as to whether they will receive inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.”


When patients first come to Renaissance Pavilion, the staff assesses their condition and determines their individualized therapy protocol. The standard protocol at Renaissance Pavilion is two hours of therapy per day encompassing physical, occupational and recreational therapy.


Skip explained, “After a person has had a stroke and becomes somewhat rehabilitated, they come to us and we work with them to ensure that not only are they physically rehabilitated, but that they are able to complete the practical tasks of daily living. We work closely with them to be sure they can do things such as opening cabinets and getting dressed so they can be independent and resume their lives when they get back home.”


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