Trish Byrne, PT, DPT sees patients in Cape May Court House

Physical therapist Trish Byrne, PT, DPT, understands overuse injuries. After all, “athletic” is her middle name.



As a child, the Cape May County resident was a competitive gymnast. Now, Trish stays physically active by weight lifting, participating in bootcamp classes and even competing in half marathons.



As a PT at Bacharach’s Cape May Court House facility, Trish sees her share of overuse injuries and creates individualized PT treatment plans to help her patients get back to optimal performance.



“We’re seeing more overuse injuries due to overtraining, with Achilles tendinitis and patellofemoral pain topping the list,” says Trish. “Many young athletes are playing the same sport year round and never give their bodies a break. The research and theory behind it is they are missing development in other areas of their body because they are constantly training to one sport.”



Contrary to popular belief, overuse injuries are not just restricted to sports. It can be caused by any activity with repetition. A construction worker, for example, using a jackhammer over and over again can cause injury. Common overuse warning signs include focal pain, swelling and having difficulty walking.



During a PT evaluation, Trish reviews the patient’s diagnosis, obtains a history and asks specific questions to get a better handle on how and why the injury occurred.



“I once met with a high school long distance runner and learned that she wasn’t following the recommended mileage from her coach. Instead, she was running outside her practice in addition to regular practice, causing the overuse injury.”


The bottom line:  to avoid injury, don’t do too much too soon, take time to warm-up prior to activity and  use proper technique.



To make an appointment with Trish, call 609-463-9944.   Trish sees athletes with all kinds of injuries at Bacharach’s Cape May Court House Physical Therapy Center , 601 Route 9 South.


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