Occupational therapist Pat Chichester

Everything occupational therapists use is related to scientifically evidence-based therapy.  The activities and modalities used are part of a patient’s treatment plan as a method of simulating the motion a patient might use to perform a specific activity of daily living that they did before their injury.



Occupational therapists need to be creative because the patients’ goals can vary greatly. Goals might range from simulating opening a jar, pulling up pants, driving, changing a baby, cooking, tying a shoe, writing, typing, shopping at the grocery store, to working.  You name it!


These tasks require the patient to work on flexibility, strength, sensation, dexterity, cognition, and visual perceptual skills.



The many tools we use may look like they are fun but to the person using them the exercises are hard, sometimes painful, and often frustrating. There is much to respect in the process patients go through in rehabilitating.


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