Scott Barr Graduates from Cardiac Rehab Program

With Pomp and Circumstance playing on his cell phone, Scott Barr joined the Class of 2022 in graduating from Cardiac Rehab. He has a long history with Bacharach after losing his leg helping a victim in a car crash. His wife, Kathleen said, “We thought he was invincible after the accident. He had a heart attack on 2/6, full blockage of the LAD (the widow maker that only 12% survive). So thankful that we got to the hospital (AtlantiCare , Pomona) in time and that the ER doctor took action immediately and got him to the Cath lab for a stent. We researched our choices for Cardiac Rehab and along with being very happy and comfortable there, Bacharach was easily able to accommodate Scott being an amputee. He adores John DeFeo and Kaitlyn Csaszar of Cardiac Rehab.” Congratulations to Scott and the entire Barr family.


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