Jennifer Brooks, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA

Jennifer Brooks, PT, DPT, CLT-LANA, says oncology patients must take several issues into account when seeking physical therapy now.

“The first is medical safety,” said Jennifer. The patient’s medical team, such as their oncologist or surgeon, is best able to determine the patient’s status and readiness for physical therapy, particularly after chemotherapy or surgery.

With a go-ahead from the physician, several options can come into play.

One is the care setting. Bacharach offers three options: outpatient therapy in clinic, home-based therapy, and remote therapy or telehealth. Each offers a different level of distancing and each can provide quality, individualized care.

Next is the preference of the patient.

Patients who need manual therapy, or who just don’t feel connected unless the therapy is in person, may choose an outpatient setting.

Some may prefer care in their own homes. They can still enjoy the personal connection that is only found in a face to face visit, while limiting their interaction with other people.

Many Options

Still others will choose remote therapy, to avoid contact entirely. Even so, the patient receives the benefit of one-on-one, personalized attention and the skill of a highly trained physical therapist. “This is an excellent option in these unusual times, particularly with expanded coverage from most insurances. Telehealth provides the most safety and high convenience, with the same quality of care people expect from Bacharach.”

Jennifer noted that Bacharach also has private spaces available to provide additional separation. “If someone needs care, we have options,” she said. “We can still provide the services that people need during and after cancer treatments, so that they are not left without.”

Bacharach therapists will review the settings with each patient to arrive at the plan that best fits their status and preferences, including blended approaches.

“What does the person want and what does the person need?” said Jennifer. “This will help us find the optimal setting to provide care.”


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