Emily Barnard MS, CF, SLP, is the most recent speech language  therapist to join Bacharach’s team.

Emily Barnard, MS, CF, SLP, treats children with articulation disorders, language delays, autism, feeding disorders, and global delays.


“A global delay encompasses the whole child. There may be a delay in walking, feeding, language development and play skills. Typically, there would be an interdisciplinary approach to treatment. I would work with the child’s physical therapist and occupational therapist to make sure that all of our goals align to best help the child.


I give the PT and OT insight on communication methods pertaining to each child. In turn, they provide strategies to incorporate gross motor skills and sensory regulation into my sessions.


Total Communication for Global Delay


For example, I might make an obstacle course and target the verbs jump, run, and roll while the child does each.



I encourage total communication. This is when a person uses any mode of communication, such as speaking, gesturing, or using alternative communication devices. An example of a low-tech communication device is a Core Board. This could be a piece of paper with high frequency words and pictures that the child can point to aid in communication.”


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