Brett Gottman, OT in front of some colorful balloons for Occupational Therapy Month

Brett Gottman, OTR/L, has been with Bacharach for a little more than four years. “I feel like my career with Bacharach has come full circle,” said Brett. “I started off volunteering at Bacharach, then I did my clinical rotations here as a student and now I work here as an employee. I think this gives me a very unique perspective because I have been able to grow with Bacharach.”


Growing up Brett always knew that he wanted a career that would help make a difference in people’s lives. “I always knew that I wanted to do something in the medical field that granted me the ability to see people improve,” said Brett. “I decided on OT because the job is very dynamic, I get to work with a variety of injuries and no two days are ever the same.”


Brett and fellow OTs Fernando Colon and Satish Patel


At Bacharach, Brett sees all different kinds of patients across the lifespan – everything from orthopedics to neurological disorders. “I tend to gravitate towards traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries and stroke survivors,” said Brett. “I enjoy working with these injuries because each patient has a unique presentation. This requires me to keep my skill set sharp in order to help them get back to their daily routines.”


Brett, along with Dr. Curtis Waechtler, is a co-coordinator of Bacharach’s Brain Injury Program. The program monitors Bacharach’s treatment approach for patients recovering from brain injury and assesses how to implement better and more efficient treatment practices to progress patients towards regaining functional independence.


“It is especially rewarding to see a patient who came in at a low level of function, physically and/or cognitively, and see how far they have come once they are discharged or come back in for follow up appointments. Seeing their progress serves as a constant reminder of why you went into the profession,” said Brett.



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