You may know that Bacharach is a CARF and Joint Commission accredited medical rehabilitation hospital in Pomona, but did you know we also have 17 physical and occupational therapy centers throughout South Jersey?

Opened in 2003, our Brigantine Bacharach Therapy Center offers patients a wide variety of physical and occupational therapy techniques and exercises every Monday through Friday. Recognizing that Brigantine residents are serious rowing fans, the facility has a rowing machine for rehabilitation as well as the usual array of physical therapy equipment.


The Brigantine Therapy Center also has a wellness program, similar to a gym membership, available to former patients for $40 a month.


“The wellness program is open to patients who finished their prescribed physical therapy at the Brigantine campus,” said Kristine McCarthy,PT,  clinical director.  “Every Monday through Friday, members of the program can come to our facility and work out on the equipment. Most people use it as a way to continue the exercises they learned when they were in our physical therapy program. Since our therapists are at the facility, they are able to suggest new exercises to keep wellness program members challenged and engaged.”


At the Brigantine Bacharach Therapy Center, about 99 percent of all patients are seeking orthopedic rehabilitation and the clientele is mostly older. “While we do see a higher senior population, they are amazing to work with and constantly surprise us,” said McCarthy. “I have never seen a more active group of seniors in my life, and it’s great to have such a motivated group of patients to work with. They are incredibly loyal, which makes it easy for all the therapists to create a positive relationship with our patients.”


Other members of the Brigantine team include Karen Hansen, PT, Karen Roesch, OTR/L and Inez Dickson, who schedules appointments and coordinates the many moving parts that let the therapists focus on their patients.


To make a PT or OT appointment at the Brigantine campus, please call 609-264-1666.



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