Jane Hocker, MA, CCC-SLP

Jane Hocker spends a great deal of time each day next door at AtlantiCare performing bedside swallow and speech evaluations.  She also conducts the Modified Barium Swallow Studies for inpatients, outpatients, Bacharach patients, and area nursing home clients.


“The modified barium swallow is video fluoroscopy of people eating and drinking different textures of food and drink to reveal dysphagia – difficulty swallowing. The study identifies the area of dysfunction so that the therapist can develop a plan of care,” said Jane.


Based on the results of the test the speech therapist can recommend traditional pharyngeal swallowing exercises or Vital Stim, which is neuromuscular electrical stimulation.


Jane has another important role on the speech team, acting as the Clinical Supervisor of all speech students who are doing their clinical affiliations.


“We get students from all over the country,” said Jane. “We take students who are on their last of three clinical placements, and we want students who have had experience with adults in another setting. The affiliation is a 12 week, 40 hour per week externship.  By midway through the program, the student has a full case load.


“One of the things I like best about the program is that I keep up with what students are learning now – believe it or not, it changes!”


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