Bacharach’s dispatcher, Katie Conover, oversees the daily operations of our patient transportation program.


Katie Conover took a chance one day about three years ago, and walked into Bacharach to look at the job openings.

She had been driving for Priority Care Transportation and as luck would have it, there was an opening for a driver here.  Katie got the job and drove patients for Bacharach for about a year and a half.


She was very happy driving but when the transportation dispatch position opened she applied for it and now she has been dispatching our fleet of about ten patient transport vehicles for about half a year.


What is it like overseeing the fleet and the drivers?  “I put a puzzle together every day,” she says, laughing. “The first thing I do when I get in is listen to messages for cancellations or anything that will affect the next ten minutes.”


“I like this because it is more interactive with patients and therapists and drivers.  Now I know everyone and I see what they are doing and I understand therapy. My  job is making everyone happy.”


Katie, who sports spectacularly red hair, is the mother of a ten-year-old, Priscilla who plays soccer and the trombone.  “She wants red hair – I’ll let her do the ends in the summer.”  Newly engaged Katie said that working at Bacharach as a single mom has been a wonderful experience.  “Working here – this is a very rewarding company.  It is amazing how well I can provide for my daughter.  I am really happy here!”


Katie is also going back to school to study in the health sciences field, specifically nutrition for people with bariatric problems.  She always struggled with weight, until she began to follow a “Paleo” diet that eliminates processed carbohydrates and sugar.  Now she runs every day before work and goes to the gym three times a week.  “My runs are like meditation for me. They get me ready for the day.”


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