Jewel Hodge, BSW, CSW

Jewel Hodge always knew she would work in a hospital setting. Growing up she wanted to be a nurse, but she decided to change paths when the nursing field evolved and began incorporating more technology.

“I wanted to be a nurse. But when it became less about bedside nursing to being in front of a computer, I decided to find a role that would allow me to engage, help, and learn how to meet the needs of the patient.”

Before joining Bacharach as a case manager in 2010, Hodge spent 10 years working at AtlantiCare, where she held positions such as patient care associate and monitored transport technician. Over the course of a decade, Hodge learned the ins and outs of patient care, taking any opportunity she was given to learn new skills and share her knowledge with her peers.

“I love to train and I love to teach,” she explained.

While Hodge enjoys teaching, her time at Bacharach has been a learning experience.

“Working here, I have learned a lot about stroke education, brain injuries, and various resources in the community. Learning about these areas help me provide my patients with the best care possible.”

In her current role, Jewel Hodge works very closely with other members of each patient’s medical team.

“Working as a team helps me gain a better perspective of what recovery looks like,” she explained. “It helps me educate families on the specifics of their loved ones’ progress – especially when they suffer from brain injuries.”

Hodge understands that being hospitalized can be frightening, and she is pleased to help and comfort patients during their time of need.
“Being in the hospital is such a vulnerable point,” she said. “I am happy to be the bridge to put them at ease.”


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