Joannie Anastasi at Bacharach’s Front Desk in the Hollander Center


The person at Bacharach’s front desk has a big responsibility. She must greet each visitor professionally, and courteously and as of the pandemic, take temperatures, ask screening questions and make everyone feel safe.

For 26 years, Joannie Anastasi has been welcoming patients, vendors, and visitors to Bacharach, loving what she does and making each person feel special.

Joannie was a volunteer at AtlantiCare in 1995 when she learned there was a position open at Bacharach. Her sister saw the opening in a newspaper, and Joannie applied right away.


I love What I Do!


“I love what I do!” says Joannie.  “I am in a wheelchair myself and I have been all my life, and when I see someone achieve their goals, it gives me an uplift.”

Joannie directs all incoming calls and is a key member of the team during emergency drills as well as real emergencies. It is her job to broadcast the emergency notification and to signal when all is clear.

She also helps people find their way to therapy or other destinations, and fields countless questions of every sort.

A recent 5-star google review praising the therapists and the organization noted “Even the front desk lady is friendly and makes sure you are safe to go back- Covid precautions are in effect.”

The front desk represents the heart of the organization, and Joannie’s love for the hospital and her co-workers shines for everyone who enters.


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