Leanne MacGillivray, RN, CRRN


Leanne MacGillivray, RN, CRRN has been taking care of people who need comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation since 1998.

A graduate of Glassboro as well as Ocean County College where she earned her RN, Leanne was one of the earliest nurses at Bacharach to earn the CRRN certification.


She first used her nursing degree in a nursing home setting, but felt that it wasn’t the right fit for her.  So she decided to try rehab nursing. “Bacharach intrigued me because it was different.”


Leanne likes working in rehab because, “You see people progress and get better.”  She often works with patients who are recovering from a spinal cord injury or a brain injury.  “The hardest part about rehab nursing is when a patient isn’t ready for rehab yet and they end up going back to the hospital.  It disrupts the process.”


On the other hand, the best part is “When patients come back to visit after they go on to outpatient rehab, it’s so nice when they come back to say hello.”


The biggest change in her 19 years of working at Bacharach has been the transition to the electronic health record. “The EHR is so much better – a much more efficient pharmacy and everything works smoother.”


Leanne works the 3 – 11 shift and says of her co-workers “Nurses, CNAs, NAs, unit clerks, engineering and security – everyone is so supportive.  We work well as a team and if needed, everyone will help.”  She is a member of JNESO and of ARN, the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.



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