Cole washes his hands in preparation for a feeding skills session with Pamela Modugno, OT


Pam Modugno, OT, always knew that she wanted a career where she would be able to help people.

“I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Pam. “When I found occupational therapy, I knew it was perfect for me because I would get to help make people as independent as possible and ensure that they are able to live a fulfilling life.”


Pam has worked at Bacharach for a total of 13 years. One of her proudest moments at Bacharach came when she developed the feeding program five and a half years ago.


“Most of my pediatric patients had feeding issues,” said Pam. “I decided to get a certification in SOS (Sequential, Oral, Sensory) feeding because there was a strong need for a feeding therapy program at Bacharach.”

Blowing bubbles is a great way to get a feeding skills session started.


Some children have difficulty tolerating new smells and textures of food. They also don’t like a lot of variety. “Some children will only eat specific brands, or their food has to be cooked a particular way,” said Pam. “Many children will refuse to eat certain food groups such as meat, vegetables or fruit.”


Bacharach’s feeding program uses Sequential, Oral, Sensory (SOS) technique to help children improve their eating habits. Therapists will start out an appointment doing some sensory activities with the child, then the children are presented with 10-14 different foods per session.


“The SOS technique allows the children to become comfortable with new foods through desensitization said Pam. “We have had tremendous success with this program. It is a great feeling to be able to help children get the nutrition they need and put their parents’ minds at ease.”


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