Many exceptional staffers at Bacharach started as aides but became inspired by the nurses and therapists with whom they worked, going on to earn degrees themselves. Here are a few of their inspirational stories.

Nilsa Fichetola, BSN  

Nilsa started her career at Bacharach in 2008 as a physical therapy aide while she was in community college.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be a physical therapist or a nurse, but she always loved her courses in anatomy and physiology.   “My experience working at Bacharach helped me decide that I wanted to obtain my nursing degree.  Bacharach allowed me to move from the physical therapy department to become a nursing aide. I learned so much from my experience with both patient care and working in the gym.”


Nilsa was able to adjust her schedule from full-time to part-time when she entered the nursing program at Our Lady of Lourdes School of Nursing.  She passed her board examination and was accepted into Bacharach’s internship program, a 3-month supervised training program leading to a full-time job for qualified candidates.   But Nilsa didn’t stop there.  She recently earned her BSN degree and plans to become certified in rehabilitation nursing.


“Everyone at Bacharach was supportive as I was working toward my RN and BSN. It helped me see that some of my colleagues were also going to school for advanced degrees.   The flexibility in my schedule made it possible for me to set my work schedule around school.”   Nilsa’s hard work paid off and she loves being a nurse.  “It is gratifying to be part of the team helping to care for and educate patients on how to achieve independence and reach their full potential.  Each case is so different and it is extremely rewarding to see each patient getting better and stronger.”


Christopher Klock, CRRN

Christopher started working at Bacharach as a dietary clerk and food service worker.  He wanted to gain experience in the medical field because he knew he wanted to be a nurse.  “Working at Bacharach provided me with an education from day one.  I learned about dietary restrictions and diet types, which has been valuable knowledge throughout my career.  Even serving meals provided me with the ability to communicate with patients and see how they were progressing throughout their stay.”  Christopher also discussed the culture at Bacharach. “I work with many other nurses and physical therapists that have gone back to further their education.  Bacharach really supports the employees who want to work their way up.”


Christopher attended Atlantic Cape Community College while working at Bacharach.  He is currently a nurse in the acute rehabilitation wing and as soon as he had the two years of experience required to earn certification as a rehabilitation nurse, he did that as well.   “I like the fact that this is an optimistic type of medicine.  We really instill hope and work to help our patient’s progress.  Rather than just watching and waiting, we make things better.  For me, rehabilitation nursing is all about upward momentum and working together to enhance our patient’s lives.”


Kaylyn Lockwood, RN

When Kaylyn started at Bacharach in 2012 as a transportation aide, she was already in school pursuing her RN degree.   She was accepted in to Bacharach’s nursing internship program when she graduated in 2014 and is currently working as a full-time nurse in acute rehabilitation.  “I definitely received a lot of support at Bacharach.  My colleagues in the physical therapy department shared anything they thought was new or different so I could keep up with current practice in the field.  My manager always allowed me to take the time off that I needed when I had tests or other school-related obligations.”


Kaylyn finds her job extremely fulfilling.  “I love being able to help people and having the opportunity to watch them improve every day.  It is especially rewarding when patients come back to visit and we can see how much independence they have gained.”


Dante Brunelli, DPT

Dante started at Bacharach six years ago as a transportation and physical therapy aide after graduating from Stockton University with a degree in biology and science.   Because of his experience in the physical therapy department, Dante decided this was the career path he wanted to pursue.  “After working closely with both patients and the physical therapy team, I became motivated and inspired to learn more about this profession.”


Dante spoke to the director of PT at Stockton and learned what courses he needed to apply for his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree.  He continued to work at Bacharach and attended community college at night until he completed the requirements for admission for his graduate degree.  He said, “I believe the letters of recommendation I received from Bacharach made a big difference in my application and helped me to get accepted to the program.”


Once he was started working on his DPT degree, Dante needed to amend his schedule at Bacharach because the program required 10-12 hour days and 120 hours of clinical work.  “Bacharach was great about working with my schedule and giving me the time off that I needed to complete my degree.  I was able to continue working on weekends and once I passed my board exams and received my certification, I was hired as a full-time inpatient therapist.”



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