Dan Gorrin, PT, DPT

With the weather getting nicer, have you been thinking about a round of golf?


Dan Gorrin, PT, DPT, holds a Level 1 Certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) designed to help golfers correct movement dysfunctions that could be limiting their golf swing.


Dan practices at Bacharach Physical Therapy in Tuckerton, and also at Aaron Bada’s Golf Specific Fitness in Somers Point.


“In 2013, I took the Level 1 Certification course,” says Gorrin. “The course expanded my knowledge of how the body influences the golf swing, which Titleist calls the Body-Swing Connection.”


To determine the Body-Swing Connection, TPI studied thousands of golfers, including some of the top professional golfers in the world, through a series of strength, balance and range of motion tests. After compiling all the data, they were able to identify certain physical characteristics that could limit or interfere with a healthy golf swing.


When someone makes an appointment with Gorrin for a TPI movement screen, they will be put through the very same strength, balance and range of motion tests. Based on the results, he will make suggestions for what the golfer should do next to improve his or her swing.


“It’s important for people to understand that as a physical therapist with the TPI certification, I am a movement expert and not a golf expert,” says Gorrin. “The TPI movement screen is a tool to determine where a golfer needs to go next to improve their swing, not a tool to instantly fix their swing.”


During the movement screen, if a golfer feels tightness in the body, he or she may need to add something new to a workout program or begin a physical therapy program. Some people may feel and look great physically during the screen, but still are shooting poorly, which means they need to see a golf instructor. If they experience pain, there might be an underlying medical issue, which could benefit from following up with their primary physician or orthopedist.  Upon follow-up the patient may benefit from physical therapy in order to improve pain, increase strength and improve flexibility.


“When you come for a movement screen, be sure to wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t limit your mobility,” says Gorrin. “If you would like to bring your own golf clubs, you can, but it isn’t necessary. I have lots of experience creating physical therapy plans for golfers at different skill levels, so I would recommend that all golfers stop in!”


You can reach Dan at GSF Golf Performance Center in Somers Point, 609-338-7599, or in Tuckerton, 609-294-0200.




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