Speech Therapist Megan Reynolds, MS, CCC-SLP

Despite the persisting pandemic, Megan Reynolds, MS, CCC-SLP, says she is seeing a surging number of pediatric speech patients.


Megan is a graduate of the College of New Jersey and Loyola University. She treats both pediatric and geriatric speech patients.


Today she talks to us about her youngest patients, children under 3 years old who have speech delays.


In Person or Remote Therapy?


In many cases, parents could access services through the state’s early intervention program, which has transitioned to remote therapy.  Instead, many are seeking in person therapy and Megan explains why.


“Early intervention therapy is only virtual,” she said.  “At Bacharach, we are seeing patients in person. We still wear a mask and a face shield but we can interact with the kids in person.  For these kids 3 years old and under, we are using play-based therapy.  The goal is to get them to communicate. We do this by letting kids explore how to interact with toys and objects.”


“We might have the child play with a doll house.  This lets the child use all the vocabulary associated with it. You can drill all you want, but kids learn language through interaction.”


Megan sees that some of these very young children clearly show the signs of too much time in front of a screen, whether it is a television, a tablet or a phone.


“The kids may have and understand vocabulary, but they don’t know how to apply it in language.”


“That is why we use play as a way to get them to communicate.  I might say ‘The little girl is sick in bed.  What do you think is wrong?’  Or ‘The little girl is happy.  Why do you think she is happy?”  Open ended questions like these encourage children to use language.”


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