Samantha Mason, MS, CCC-SLP

Welcome to Samantha Mason, M.S., CCC-SLP, the most recent member of Bacharach’s Speech Team. Samantha, a native of Vineland, earned a B.A. from The College of New Jersey, “Self-Design Major: Communication Disorders with emphasis in Deaf Studies” and an M.S. Speech Language Pathology” from Marshall University in Huntington, WV.



Fun fact – her last student placement before graduation was at Bacharach in 2019.



Parents of toddlers may not know what they should expect when it comes to language development.  Pediatricians may not pick up on a child’s language development in a routine visit.  Samantha says that parents of children at 24 months should look for the following:


  • The child should be speaking in two or three word phrases, not just pointing to objects.  Their phrases should be more detailed, for example, “more juice” or “blue crayon.”


  • The child should have a 200- 250 word vocabulary, or a word for most common objects such as toys, and the names of familiar people.  The child should be using these vocabulary words to have wants and needs met.


  • The child should be starting to master simple sounds, but not yet “r” or “s.”  Even so, the child’s attempts while not clear to strangers should be understood by those who are close.


Parents with concerns may contact their pediatrician with a request for a speech and language evaluation.


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