Kris McCarthy uses vestibular therapy to help patients suffering from BPPV

Kris McCarthy is Clinical Director of Bacharach Physical Therapy in Brigantine. Kris says she usually see about 5 patients each year who have a condition called BPPV – benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.



“People with BPPV just wake up one morning and the world is spinning.  I tell patients there are 3 loops in the ear that work like a roller coaster.  One is for bending forward, one for side to side motion, and one for angled motions.  The crystals in the loops have to move with you and when they get stuck, the body may say you rolled over and the brain says no, you didn’t and the result is dizziness and nausea.”



“It may only take one or two treatments to shake the crystal loose.  When the patient has vertigo, you rule this out first before moving on to other potential conditions.”



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