Yasmin Sares, PT, DPT, vestibular specialist, is the Clinical Director of Bacharach Physical Therapy in Manahawkin.


She is delighted their spacious center located at 100 McKinley Avenue.  “It’s wide open,” she said, “Very helpful for social distancing.”


Yasmin is certified by the American Institute of Balance in vestibular rehab and concussion therapy.


“I love helping patients with vestibular issues,” she said. “I often have patients who come in for muscle weakness and I discover a vestibular disorder.  For example, during history taking I might have a patient who says she wakes up and the room is spinning, and then it goes away, so she gets used to it and thinks its normal. Sometimes older patients have crystals in the ear that dislodge to different canals, causing vertigo and dizziness. It is a quick fix! It can affect one ear or both ears.  We provoke the response by placing the patient in certain positions.  The response is involuntary flickering eye movements, which helps us to do the right maneuver to reposition the crystals. For some patients, it takes just one visit, for others it could be 4 or 5.”


Vestibular Therapy Helps Concussion Symptoms


“Concussion is a result of head trauma from sports injury, car accident or even falls. The common complaint patients have is headaches, dizziness, and imbalance. Vestibular rehab can help their symptoms.”


“When I have a patient with a neck issue for a probable cervical sprain, but from the history of spinning upon getting up in the morning I would suspect a vestibular issue, I will then add that to the notes for the physician and plan of care to be able to add it to my treatment program.”


Yasmin also is doing some telehealth for anyone not quite ready to come into the office.


She sees patients from about age 10 for orthopedic conditions, up to seniors of all ages.  “Our oldest patient was 103!”


To schedule an appointment with Yasmin in Manahawkin call 609-489-0200



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