For those who depend upon electricity for medical issues, such as refrigerated medications or a stair lift, losing power is more than just an inconvenience.

Medically-related power needs have become a great concern as people choose to age-in-place, or have an elderly or ill loved one living at home that needs round-the-clock power.


Today’s automatic whole house generators are often the answer to the problem.


According to Jim Rowland of Quality Electric Service, “10 years ago generators represented less than five percent of our business.  Today, that number is up to almost 70 percent.” Jim attributes this rise in popularity to greater public awareness and increased affordability. “A whole house generator used to be out of reach financially for most people.  The industry has made great strides with upgraded technology and reduced prices so generators are much more affordable today than they used to be.”


Another factor that has contributed to the popularity of generators is that baby-boomers are living longer and prefer to remain in their homes.  “For people with medical needs, a generator offers a way for them to live at home and feel comfortable. It removes the anxiety about what they will do if the power goes out.”


Quality Electric Service is a distributor for Generac Power Systems which makes automatic stand-by generators.  An automatic generator provides its owner with close to continuous power, even during a power outage.  The machine recognizes when there is a power outage and automatically goes on within 10 seconds – making for a seamless transition.


Jim discussed the range of residential users he works with, “Home users include those who are seriously disabled or recuperating from an illness or accident, veterans returning from combat, and people who run the risk of losing the use of their well pump if they lose power. Of course, there are many ways a loss of electricity can have an impact, including refrigeration.  Also, for those that are not mobile, losing light is a serious issue as they are not able to easily get candles or a flashlight.”


John Lemmon, COO for Asset Consultant Associates, serves as a consultant to trust administrators to assure they meet federal American with Disabilities Act requirements and provide the correct services to meet the trust beneficiaries’ needs.  He shared, “For those with disabilities, a whole house generator assures they are able to stay in their home environment, even if the power goes out.  This is critical for children or adults with respirators, suction units, or a feeding tube with a pump.   A generator can also be important for the hearing impaired as many times their homes are outfitted with flashing lights to alert them to the doorbell or phone calls.  I consider a whole house generator a necessity for anyone with medical needs that require uninterrupted electricity.”


Generator owners are pleased with their experience using a whole house generator and shared the following comments:


I am a veteran and have difficulty getting around physically. I have refrigerated medications, so I thought a whole house generator would be a good idea.   I really started thinking about getting a generator one night when I was at my sister’s house for a holiday. A car accident caused the power to go out at her house and all the food she had prepared had to be thrown out after the meal.  It made me think about what I would do if I lost power for any length of time. Even though I may never use it, I feel better knowing I will always have power, even if there is an extended outage…  Bob F.


My mom lived with us for 11 years. She had chronic COPD requiring continuous oxygen throughout the night and could not be without oxygen for more than a few hours. We were building a new home and decided to get a whole house generator – however, it wasn’t installed yet when Superstorm Sandy hit. My husband and I were frantic and finally, after an extensive search, we found a small portable generator that got us through the storm period.  The whole house generator was installed five days after the storm and it has given us incredible peace of mind ever since.  It was a medical necessity for my mom, especially because we lose power frequently in my neighborhood.  Once we lost power for three days after a winter storm and not only did we not worry about my mom, we had no concerns about the food in the freezer, appliances working or heating the house. A whole house generator has been an absolute lifesaver for our family… Mary H.




For those with disabilities a whole house generator can offer a world of comfort even during storms and power outages.




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