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The Bumbo® Floor Seat Helps Babies with Head and Trunk Control

The Bumbo® is a seat designed for babies who cannot sit independently yet.


It is meant for use on the floor, with close supervision and a safety seatbelt. It allows a baby to practice head and postural trunk control allowing them to interact with their environment from a different perspective.


A parent can start putting the infant in a Bumbo seat when the baby can support its head on its own. In a typically developing child this is usually at around 2 – 4 months.


Once a baby can support its head adequately, small periods in the seat allow the baby to practice head and trunk control as well as visual tracking, reaching and playing with toys or hands in midline. At first your baby may only tolerate a few minutes at a time, but will gradually increase the time sitting up to play.


Supported sitting like this also alleviates pressure on the back of your baby’s head eliminating concerns about head shape. Another benefit is that it keeps your baby upright if they have digestion issues such as Gastroesophogeal Reflux (GER) and need to be elevated after meals.



Physical therapists recommend putting your Bumbo away once your baby is close to sitting independently. This usually happens around the 4 – 6 month mark in your child’s life.


At that point, sitting with your baby on the floor and helping your baby to stay balanced is a better practice. Again, your child will need to gradually build up strength in this new position.


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