Amputee Program

Bacharach’s Amputee Program offers comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation for patients recovering from the loss of a limb.

The amputee program at Bacharach Insitute for Rehabilitation brings together all of the elements necessary for a CARF-accredited comprehensive inpatient rehabilitaltion stay.  Each individual in the amputee program has an individualized, interdisciplinary plan of care under the guidance of a doctor of physical medicine.


The occupational therapist will work with the patient to safely perform the activities of daily living, both before prosthetic fitting and training, and after prosthetic fitting.  Safety is always paramount, and Bacharach’s model apartment offers all of the furniture and challenges of a real home – bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, to master the skills needed to return to independence.


There is also education on home modification and how to find the right equipment.


Your Physical Therapist


The physical therapist will focus on safe transfers, regaining balance, and using an assistive device until a prosthesis has been fitted.  After fitting, the physical therapist will work on gait training, endurance, balance and teaching such skills as proper skin care and management, wrapping techniques and proper nutrition.


Bacharach’s clinical team will work with certified prosthetists and certified orthotists to identify and fabricate the best prosthesis for each individual in the amputee program.


From wound care and transfer training, to mastering the use of prostheses, Bacharach’s amputee program will guide each patient to the highest level of function and independence.


Bacharach’s amputee program includes


Outpatient amputee program services

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Prosthetics and orthotics clinic and follow up
  • Physiatry and follow up




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