Industrial Rehab

Getting the injured worker back to work.

Bacharach offers a complete menu of services to support workplace-related performance issues. Specializing in Workers’ Compensation cases, Bacharach’s team of doctors, nurses and therapists are experienced in vocational rehabilitation, getting injured workers back to work through a state-of-the-art program of assessment and progressive therapy.


And Bacharach’s vocational team also provides job analysis support; assists employers in preparing accurate job descriptions; and can survey the workspace to minimize safety risks and increase ergonomic efficiency.


Bacharach’s Vocational and Industrial Rehabilitation Program includes:

  • Key Method FCE- Scheduled within 5 business days
  • Physical therapy, including aquatics
  • Occupational therapy
  • Vocational testing and assistance with DVR
  • Work hardening and conditioning
  • Workplace and job analysis
  • Work skills and tolerance
  • Whole-body range of motion therapies
  • Cognitive skills and problem solving
  • Chronic pain management
  • Certified hand therapy
  • Keyboard assessment, driver evaluation and a full range of occupation-specific testing and therapy
  • Individual and group vocational counseling

Bacharach’s Workers’ Compensation nurse case manager will:

  • Ensure patients are scheduled within 72 hours of reporting
  • Provide progress reports every two weeks
  • Provide notification of non-compliance
  • Obtain aurhorizations

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