Bacharach offers treatment for lymphedema at several locations and in the home.

Lymphedema Services

Lymphedema is a condition caused by the poor drainage of the lymphatic system.  It results in fluid retention and tissue swelling and can be both painful and dangerous.


Lymphedema often develops after lymph nodes are dissected, for example after breast cancer surgery, but it may also develop after injury.  Bacharach offers lymphedema management as part of its oncology program, an overall program providing physical therapy to allay the side effects of cancer treatment.


It is very important for people with lymphedema to maintain the integrity of the skin at all times.  The condition makes even tiny tears in the skin difficult to heal, and a potential site for infection. Treatment includes education on self care of skin and nails, on the proper technique for wrapping the affected limb, and on using compression garments.




Treatments for Lymphedema

  • Complex Decongestive Therapy
  • Gentle massage (manual lymph drainage)
  • Wrapping and compression bandaging
  • Remedial exercise
  • Compression garments
  • Patient education on proper skin and nail care


People with lymphedema must use special care in keeping the skin scrupulously clean and avoiding injury.


Bacharach has two centers with physical therapists who have special certification in the treatment of lymphedema, including:


Pomona, Main Campus




Manahawkin and Home Therapy

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