Combined Therapy Services

Many patients with neurological conditions continue to improve long after discharge from an inpatient rehabilitation setting.  Some patients with neurological conditions who are medically stable and able to go home may benefit from two or even three therapies per day.

Depending on the doctor’s recommendation, patients may come two days per week or three days per week.

If there is time between therapy appointments, patients are welcome to relax, read, watch television or have a snack in the Bacharach Dining Room.  There is a coffee and snack bar and seating during business hours. In good weather, Bacharach’s patio and picnic tables are available.  Monday through Friday, visitors can purchase lunch in the dining room from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Combined therapy patients may be eligible for transportation to and from the program, depending upon insurance and other factors.  Please ask for more infomation about transportation at the time of scheduling.

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