Speech and Language Therapy

Brain injury, stroke and other neurological disorders often leave the patient with significant deficits in their ability to speak.

Bacharach’s licensed speech pathologists are specially trained and experienced to improve speech function and communication skills in adults and children.

  • Improving speech and sound articulation
  • Refining language skills: putting words together to speak cohesively
  • Oral/motor issues: physical function of the mouth for speaking and eating
  • Evaluating and treating chewing and swallowing problems
  • Evaluating and treating voice disorder
  • Evaluating and treating cognitive impairments
  • Coordinating efforts with employers, school systems and health professionals
  • Working closely with the Hearing Center’s staff for related hearing problem
  • Evening hours for pediatric speech therapy
  • Vital Stim® Swallowing Therapy
  • SOS Feeding Program
  • PECS Program
  • Myofascial release swallowing therapy
  • Dynavox® communication device evaluation and training
  • Modified barium swallow studies
  • PROMPT© Program

To learn more call the Speech Pathology Center at 609-652-7000 or e-mail.