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Advanced Stroke Physical Therapy Centers


With a team of skilled doctors and therapists, state-of-the-art technology and specialized stroke treatments, Bacharach provides the region’s best stroke program. Bacharach stroke patients make faster and more complete recoveries that consistently exceed the national benchmark.


Bacharach’s CARF-accredited stroke specialty program is the only such program in southern New Jersey.  After a careful and detailed evaluation by a doctor of physical medicine, each patient is given an individualized care plan to maximize strength and function and restore independence.


What Happens In Post-Stroke Rehabilitation?


Each patient’s care plan includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and twenty-four hour nursing care.  Patients with speech, swallowing or cognitive problems may also have speech and language therapy, VitalStim ® Swallowing therapy and cognitive rehab.  Often the psychologist or neuropsychologist is a member of the team.  The dietitian will address any issues pertaining to adequate nourishment and craft a diet to prevent interactions with medications.


Each team includes a case manager, an important resource for the patient and family as they navigate through the rehabilitation process.  The case manager can explain insurance requirements, and help the family in planning for the next steps after discharge.


Post-Stroke Recovery Services


Spasticity Clinic

Spasticity is a painful side effect of stroke, which may cause muscles to be permanently contracted. When muscles are stiff and contracted it can cause trouble walking, speaking, swallowing, or performing other normal movements. Doctors in our spasticity clinic evaluate patients to determine the cause, effect and severity of the spasticity and recommend treatments based upon individual needs.



VitalStim® Swallowing Therapy

VitalStim® is a treatment for people with trouble swallowing, called dysphagia. Dysphagia is a common side-effect of stroke. VitalStim® delivers gentle electrical stimulation to the muscles involved in swallowing to strengthen the muscles involved and restore function.


Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation describes the many treatments used to restore cognitive function after stroke. Cognitive therapy is offered by speech therapists and by occupational therapists. It can help with memory skills, decision making, impulsivity and other behavioral changes after stroke.


Physical Therapy

Stroke usually affects one side of the body, causing weakness in the limbs of the affected side. After stroke, physical therapy helps patients to regain strength, mobility, function and balance as they work to overcome weakness and paralysis.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help stroke survivors to relearn the activities of daily living. Stroke may cause weakness in the arm, leg, or both, affecting gait, mobility, and the ability to perform the activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, and performing personal hygiene. Occupational therapists work with stroke patients to restore function so that they may perform the activities of daily living safely and independently.


Prosthetics and Orthotics

ATPRO Prosthetics and Orthotics provides both inpatient and outpatient services to fit stroke survivors with individualized orthoses as needed. Orthoses may provide external support and improve gait and mobility in some stroke patients.


Speech and Language Therapy

After stroke, it is common to experience difficulty swallowing, speaking,expressing oneself, or with memory. Speech-therapists can help stroke patients learn to swallow safely and speak clearly. Through cognitive rehabilitation, they can help patients improve memory and cognitive skills.



Bacharach has a board-certified neuro-optometrist on site every other Tuesday, Dr. Errol Rummel. Dr. Rummel addresses vision problems caused by stroke such as double vision, decreases in the field of vision, and impaired balance.



Bacharach’s neuropsychologists understand how stroke or other illnesses or injuries to the brain can affect cognition and behavior. The neuropsychologist develops a behavioral plan and collaborates with other therapists to offer strategies and education.


Certified Rehabilitation Nursing

Bacharach is very proud of the many nurses who have earned specialty certification in rehabilitation nursing. This certification strengthens their role in reinforcing the skills patients have learned in interdisciplinary therapy.


Advanced Robotic Technology

Bacharach’s Klinghoffer Center features over $1 million in robotic technology devised for neuro-recovery after stroke. Robotic therapy is added to traditional therapy to engage patients, provide measurable data and improve outcomes.


Driver Re-Education

Bacharach offers an outpatient driver re-education program for stroke and other patients who wish to return to driving. The program includes simulated driving, behind the wheel training and training on adaptive equipment.


Family Education and Training

The families of stroke patients are offered education and training so that they are prepared for the care needs of their family member.


Support Groups and Community Resources

Bacharach holds a weekly stroke support group for inpatients to provide education and encouragement. Bacharach’s case management staff is well versed in the many community resources available to people living in the community after stroke.


Stroke Rehab Specialists


In 2018, Bacharach served 295 stroke patients in our CARF-accredited comprehensive stroke specialty program.


The U. S. National Institute of Health lists clinical trials related to many conditions, including stroke. Here is a link for patients and families to N.I.H.’s information about clinical trials.


Here is a list of clinical trials in the Philadelphia area, and a brochure from the National Stroke Association with information about clinical trials.


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