Stroke Program

Bacharach’s CARF accredited stroke program provides unparalleled excellence in stroke rehab.

With a team of skilled doctors and therapists, state-of-the-art technology and specialized stroke treatments, Bacharach provides the region’s best stroke program.   Bacharach stroke patients make faster and more complete recoveries that consistently exceed the national benchmark.


Bacharach’s CARF-accredited stroke specialty program is the only such program in southern New Jersey.  After a careful and detailed evaluation by a doctor of physical medicine, each patient is given an individualized care plan to maximize strength and function and restore independence.


Each patient’s care plan includes physical therapy, occupational therapy and twenty-four hour nursing care.  Patients with speech, swallowing or cognitive problems may also have speech and language therapy, Vital Stim ® Swallowing therapy and cognitive rehab.  Often the psychologist or neuropsychologist is a member of the team.  The dietitian will address any issues pertaining to adequate nourishment and craft a diet to prevent interactions with medications.


Each team includes a case manager, an important resource for the patient and family as they navigate through the rehabiliation process.  The case manager can explain insurance requirements, and help the family in planning for the next steps after discharge.


Services include:


In 2018, Bacharach served 295 stroke pateints in our CARF-accredited comprehensive stroke specialty program.


The U. S. National Institute of Health lists clinical trials related to many conditions, including stroke. Here is a link for patients and families to N.I.H.’s information about clinical trials.

Here is a list of clinical trials in the Philadelphia area, and a brochure from the National Stroke Association with information about clinical trials.


To learn more about Bacharach’s stroke program call (609) 652-7000.