Volunteer Program

Bacharach welcomes students who are enrolled in college and need PT or OT observation hours in order to apply to graduate school. However, openings are limited.

Please read all the instructions. Once you have a start date in mind, call the volunteer office to see if an opening will be available at that time.  Plan ahead – it will take approximately two weeks to obtain both ppd screens.


If there is an opening, mail or scan the completed application to:

Jamie Hoagland

Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation

61 West Jimmie Leeds Road

Pomona, NJ  08240





How to become a volunteer at Bacharach – 3 steps:


Print out and complete the demographic form and the health form:


Demographic Form (pdf)

Health Form (pdf)


Bring the health form to your doctor.  New Jersey requires a 2-step Tuberculine screen (also known as a ppd) for anyone volunteering in a healthcare setting.  You may document a screen you have had within the past 12 months in which case you just need the second screen.  Your application is not complete until you have had 2 screens. The second test may be performed between 1 and 3 weeks after the first screen.


Volunteers must also receive and show documentation of a seasonal flu vaccine, which is available at any CVS, Walmart, etc. Do not submit your application until you have had both ppd screens and a flu shot.